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Maze Nails
100 Church St.
Peru, IL 61354

Telephone: 800-435-5949

Year Started: 1848

# American Employees: 100
  Established in 1848, Maze Nails is America's largest domestic specialty nail manufacturer. The "MAZE GROUP" is comprised of two well-known U.S. nail mills - with more than 240 years of combined experience in nail manufacturing. The "Maze Group" of nail mills makes all sorts of popular SPECIALTY NAILS! Come by all of our nail sites to get more specific information on our wide line of MADE-IN-USA nails, fasteners, and screws.  
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Thoughts on America:
Thoughts on America? I love our country and I am proud to work for a U.S. company that has been in business since 1848. We currently have the 6th generation family member (Maze) working in our company in Peru, Illinois. We are up against the Chinese imports every single day, but will simply not give up the fight in making our top quality nails. I have been working for this company for 18 years and most of our mill workers have been here 35-40 years!
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