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The Pendulum is Swinging; As China Wages Rise, American Companies Return Home

Posted 2 days ago
China’s still cheap, but it’s nowhere near the deal it was just a few years ago. Workers in the Yangtze make almost $5 an hour today, and oil costs about $85 a barrel. Suddenly the benefits of making things in China aren’t so apparent, especially if you’re selling those things to consumers in the U.S. A new survey by Boston Consulting Group found that 16 percent of American manufacturing executives say they’re already bringing production back home from China. That’s up from 13 percent a year ago. Twenty percent said they would consider doing so in the near future.

Canada Upset that KANSAS Company Awarded Large Contract for Community Mailboxes

Posted 4 days ago
The question that's top of mind today is, why is Canada Post using community mailboxes designed in, and purchased from, the United States instead of offering Canadian companies a chance to profit from the unpopular transition? That query was posed to the Conservative government on Monday, as Canada Post began installing community mailboxes and phasing out postal routes in large cities, including Calgary and Winnipeg.

Support Made-in-USA Candy Companies at Halloween

Posted 9 days ago
Halloween may not be a holiday dedicated to patriotism like Independence Day. But you can still pick made-in-the-USA candies to give out to your trick-or-treaters. So if you'd like to add a subtle hint of red, white and blue to an orange-and-black event, here's a list of several companies still making candy in America.

Presidential Helicopters to Have Airframes and Cabins Made-in-INDIA

Posted 12 days ago
Sikorsky, a unit of United Technologies Corp, won a $1.24- billion contract in May to build and deliver six new US presidential helicopters, a first step towards a new fleet of 21 choppers to be delivered by 2023. Not just the cabins but also the various parts that go into building the airframes for the S-92 will be sourced from India through a company called Tata Sikorsky Aerospace Systems, a joint venture between the Tata Group and Sikorsky in which the latter holds 26%,Walia said. Both the facilities are located in Hyderabad.

Sister Managed OHIO Company Creating Made-in-USA Automotive Parts

Posted 18 days ago
Finding skilled labor is a problem, because there is such a gap in skilled trades not being promoted enough in high school and colleges. Not as many people are interested in the trades at a time when all of our skilled labor people are coming close to retirement. We've started to train and mentor existing employees and we have hired military veterans.

Historic 1931 Waldorff-Astoria Hotel Sold to Chinese Insurance Co for $2 Billion

Posted 19 days ago
As part of the agreement, the Waldorf, a New York City landmark, will undergo a significant renovation. Money made from the sale will enable Hilton Worldwide, the largest hotel group in the world based on number of rooms, to buy more properties in the USA. The deal is scheduled to close on Dec. 31, but if that closing time is delayed, the companies must finalize the purchase no later than March 31.

Are There Any American Breweries Left??

Posted 23 days ago
Pabst Blue Ribbon now flying Russian Flag? Check out this video for more American companies gone Bye-Bye

GENERAL MILLS Says Almost Impossible to Abandon GMO Ingredients

Posted 23 days ago
Earlier this year, General Mills removed genetically modified ingredients (GMO)from its iconic Cheerios brand, after Green America, a social and environmental organization pushed for the change. At the time, Tome Forsythe, VP of global communications for General Mills, wrote in a blog: "The simple and unique nature of Cheerios made it possible — and we think consumers may embrace it. For our other cereals, the widespread use of GM seed in crops such as corn, soy or beet sugar would make reliably moving to non-GM ingredients difficult, if not impossible."

BEST Article Explaining How INVERSION is Used for Tax Benefits in Corporate America

Posted 30 days ago
In 2004, intense corporate lobbying persuaded Congress to pass what was called the American Jobs Creation Act. A section of that bill, called the Homeland Investment Act, said that, for one time only, companies could bring the money home and pay only a 5.25 percent tax rate. Companies promised they would use the cash to invest in research and development, build plants and hire Americans. There were safeguards that were supposed to keep the money from being used to pay dividends. The safeguards did not work. On average, one study reported, companies that brought back money used 60 percent or more of the cash to increase dividends or buy back stock. What they did not do was use the money to hire people or invest in the United States.

China News Daily: MADE-IN-USA is a Movement of Patriotism. MADE-IN-CHINA Loyalty is Because of Quality. Cite i-Phone 6 as Example

Posted 33 days ago
While comparative advantage is a subject for Econ 101, some in the US continue to ask why iPhones are not assembled in the US, since it may only add several dollars per unit to the cost. A New York Times article from two years ago answered the question well. No single US city could provide a quarter of a million workers just to assemble iPhones like in China. Such a question underlines a growing phenomenon in the US that Made in USA is being used as a marketing tool to cash in on Americans' strong patriotic sentiment.
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