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Affluents Make Up 37% of All Consumer Spending

Posted Yesterday
Of course, Affluent spending is particularly important to certain categories. Affluents spend about 60% of all US dollars in categories such as suits, club memberships, and sports tickets; they spend over half of the dollars spent on hotels, airfares, jewelry, and personal insurance – categories that contribute significantly to the economy not only in consumer spending, but also in tremendous advertising expenditures. In many of these categories, Ultra Affluents (the 3% of consumers with $250K+ HHI) account for 15-20% of all U.S. dollars spent.

Global Tire Manufacturers Building New Facilities in North America. Factories Need to be near Consumers

Posted 10 days ago
For the year ended August 2012, tire makers earmarked $2.75 billion for expansion projects in North America, and in the following 12 months announced planned expenditures of $1.8 billion.

Demand for Made-in-USA Furniture Continues to Grow. People are Looking at Labels

Posted 10 days ago
.......furniture must find the right balance between quality, design, cost, service and availability. It’s the same challenge and opportunity that has faced domestic manufacturers since the flood of Southeast Asian and Chinese furniture began arriving in the U.S. in the early 2000s.

Bet You Didn't Know There was "Cereal Psychology" Shelf Placement is Critical to Success

Posted 11 days ago
Consumers are 16 percent more likely to trust a brand of cereal when the characters on the boxes on the supermarket shelves look them straight in the eye.

The Twilight Zone is Where We Now Live. Data Mining is Following You EVERYWHERE. Is it Electronic Stalking?

Posted 16 days ago
The data-broker industry does not see it that way. To it, even the act of walking down the street is a legitimate data set to be captured, cataloged and exploited. This slippage between the digital and physical matters not only because of privacy concerns—it also raises serious questions about ethics and power.

Ford Ad Agency Trashes GM Prosperity Poolside Commercial

Posted 18 days ago
Ford's agency, Team Detroit, shot the parody below, which stars the polar opposite of the McDonough character—Pashon Murray, the founder of Detroit Dirt, a sustainability consultancy and advocacy group. The Cadillac spot showcased the CLR luxury plug-in hybrid. The Ford video shows off the Ford C-MAX hybrid. But Murray's message about today's America is light years away from Cadillac's.

People are Keeping Their Cars Even Longer, 11-1/2 Years to be Exact. Watch Out , the Black Boxes are Coming in 2015

Posted 21 days ago
Consumers are keeping vehicles longer and the vehicles last longer, Libby said. But the age of the U.S. fleet will begin to drop beyond 2015 because the number of vehicles purchased during the Great Recession of 2008 and 2009 is relatively small compared to the number of vehicles sold in the years following the recession. The size of the vehicle fleet in the U.S. could shrink as more vehicles are scrapped.

AMERICAN Company "Goes Down the Drain" in China. In-Sink-Erator Finds Niche in Chinese Market

Posted 22 days ago
China is attractive partly because it has more housing construction than any other country. InSinkErator executives also believe the Chinese have a greater need for disposals because they eat less processed food than Americans and have more leftover vegetable peelings, fish bones and other items that can be ground up.

"Made-in-the-USA Suite" Displayed at the Washington DC Park Hyatt

Posted 25 days ago
The Park Hyatt in the capital city recently unveiled a special Made in the USA Suite in conjunction with the new exhibit of the same name at The Phillips Collection, which will be on display through August 31st.

Los Angeles Metro Transit Contracts $30,000,000 for Electric Buses from Chinese Company. 155 MILE Range is Good??

Posted 28 days ago
Under the deal, the automaker will be responsible for production and delivery of about 25 units of new all-electric buses to the Metro.
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