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Food / Candy / Spices
  • Wind River Herbs produces a wide range of herbal teas as well as herbal plant extracts, salves, lip balms, essential oils and bulk herbs.
  • Sierra Crunch Granola chock full of natural and nutritious ingredients and contains no additives or preservatives and provides an explosion of taste!
  • Hi Mountain Jerky Inc. produces a variety of tasty jerky and sausage seasonings, as well as rubs, dips, marinades, and more...
  • Red Lack Nation Foods produces wild rice, wild rice pancake and fish batter mixes, hand picked wild jams, jellies and syrups, handmade gift baskets...
  • Ben's Sweet & Hot Mustard is sweet with just a little heat. People that hate mustard, love our product because it compliments just about any food.
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