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  • A. E. Nelson Leather Co. produces quality leather Hunting, Fishing, and Law Enforcement products.
  • Barrett Alley produces quality, handmade bracelets, leather belts, wallets, and more, with vegetable tanned leather and antique materials.
  • LocustGroves Handmade Gifts manufactures quality handmade soaps and personal care products: lotions, liquid soaps, shampoos, conditioners, and more...
  • Castle Argghhh LLC makes handspun yarns from mohair and angora from (goats and bunnies) that are home farm raised, as well as yarns alpacas and sheep.
  • VT Fleece Co. is a manufacturer of Polartec Blankets of all sizes and styles, that are embroidered with custom designs, names, dates, and more...
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