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Hanky Blanky
152 West 25th St. 7th Floor
New York, NY 10001

Telephone: 212-989-8363

Year Started: 1996

# American Employees: 3
  With a love of the nostalgic, a feel for the past and a vast collection of vintage handkerchiefs, fabrics and trims to inspire, HANKY BLANKY was born. The first Hanky Blanky was made in 1985 as a gift to my godchild. Each new baby in my life (friends’ and relatives’!) received one and with the response, I continued my search for hankies and vintage fabrics. It became an obsession! Always on the lookout at antique fairs and flea markets, I would also be drawn to vintage baby clothes, bonnets, dolls and puppets. At one estate sale, I found 2 shoeboxes full of Jinglin’ Jack’s plastic painted faces! I just had to make some yo yo’s up with all the different, colorful fabrics – that is, the fabric circles that comprise his legs. He is a limited edition. ANIMAL WRAPPER is a version of my best friend’s blanky she had as a baby, handmade by her grandmother! I loved all the animals and their cute stitched faces! I had found another idea to use all my vintage fabrics. Rougewear, the infant-wear line is completely inspired by vintage finds, updating the looks by adding modern function and durability. All vintage fabrics are pre-washed and each garment is constructed with care and attention to detail. This whimsical clothing line is reminiscent of a simpler time. Recapture the innocence of days gone by. All pieces are individually cut and sewn in New York City! Thanks for letting us be a part of your memories.  
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I would love to have America back on it's feet. We have such a vast resource of ingenuity and creativity in our people -young and old and everyone in between. I think America is full of entrepreneurs trying to find a way to put their ideas to work!!! The fact remains that it does cost more to produce a garment in this country. I can only hope that we can get rid of the shoppers' disposable mentality.
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