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Natural Fibers Corporation
218 Prospector Drive
Ogallala, NE 69153

Telephone: 308-284-8403

Year Started: 1987

# American Employees: 7
  In 1987, Herb Knudsen, Vice President of New Ventures for Standard Oil, acquired the "Milkweed Project" and created Natural Fibers Corporation. Natural Fibers is actively commercializing Milkweed. Herb needed to develop low volume, high value products and Companies. Natural Fibers' first value-added business was Ogallala Comfort Company established in 1988. Ogallala Down sells Hypodown comforters and pillows throughout the World. Ogallala Down services Independent Specialty Stores, High-end Catalogs and exclusive hotels. Knowing the positive characteristics of Asclepias, (Milkweed), it's gardening benefits of attracting butterflies, soil conservation and the success of Ogallala Down, seed was allocated for the development of Asclepias Seed Company. Seed is sold for land reclamation, highway beautification, butterfly gardens and to butterfly farmers. Our most recent development and Company is ASKLEPEUS, which sells the pain relieving Milkweed Balm from the oil of the milkweed seed. Milkweed balm is used to relieve pain and restore function. It is the topical application of natural oils. Every part of the plant can be used in a commercial application. The challenges are dovetailing supply with demand and trying to get a "weed" to act like a crop. . . Natural Fibers Corporation plans to develop markets and uses for Milkweed and turn it into a thriving and profitable agricultural business.  
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