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Thankful Harvest
5139 210th Street
Holstein, IA 51025

Telephone: 712.830.3281

Year Started: 1936

# American Employees: 3
  We think of pasture based farming as a living and learning collaboration with creation. Much of what we do is based on traditional, centuries-proven methods of plant and animal farming. But, just as much, we draw from the latest in scientific understanding as we collaborate with other farmers, research institutes and ag extension services on the up-to-date learning available for fostering healthy ecosystems, cows, humans and communities. In the case of our pasture raised beef, we see it as capitalizing on the original design and intention for cows. We select pasture grasses and legumes that will succeed on the particular land forms on our farm. The soil is regularly tested for composition and nutrient content. We cultivate a mix of grasses and legumes that nourish the cows and soil at the same time — naturally providing essential nitrogen and other nutrients without the use of synthetic chemicals. Our practices support the biodiversity of plants, both naturally occurring and those we choose to plant, as well as the creatures that use the pastures for habitat. Clover is a legume that we plant because it is nourishing to the cows and helps naturally fix nitrogen in the soil. Why Not Do Better Than We Have to? On our farm, we do some additional things that are not strict requirements of the Pasture Raised method: • We put nothing into the soil that could harm soil life or groundwater. Our pastures are certified organic , and we use no chemical pesticide, fertilizers or herbicides. • We apply naturally occurring minerals and nutrient compounds to nourish and build the soil, supporting its viability as a living food system.  
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A great nation that God has allowed to exist. We are blessed to be here and because of that, are responsible to work to keep our nation grounded in His law. "To whom much is given, much is required. Luke 12:48"
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