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218 Dupont St
Philadelphia, PA 19127

Telephone: 757-814-8881

Year Started: 2011

# American Employees: 1
  My brother and I grew up making wooden go-karts, skateboards, and surfboards; whittling wooden fishing lures, rings, and anything else we could think of in our "no girls allowed" wood shop in Williamsburg, Va. Our projects grew more and more sophisticated as we got older—they demanded higher quality craftsmanship and greater attention to detail. I didn't realize my affinity for creating things during my youth would have such an impact on my future. After college, I moved to New York to work in finance. While living in NYC my friend Billy and I came up shorthanded in our search for a slim, front pocket wallet—we wanted something that was unique, but at the same time, simple and fashionable. With my skills and Billy's encouragement, I bought leather tools and made my first few wallets. We were excited about the results and everyone we showed them to shared our excitement. After many late night discussions on Billy's rooftop in Astoria, Waskerd was born. Coming full circle from "no girls allowed," in 2011 I moved to Philadelphia to chase the girl of my dreams. I currently live in Philadelphia and make every wallet completely by hand in my studio in Manayunk. Thanks for supporting a small company and a local craftsman!  
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Thoughts on America:
I am proud to run a company in America, making products in America, with materials sourced in America, with tools forged in America.
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