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Utah Mountain Furniture, LLC
1436 S. 700 West
Salt Lake City, UT 84104

Telephone: 888-840-4770

Year Started: 1993

# American Employees: 11
  In 1991 we opened the doors of our very first retail business in Salt Lake City. Our line consisted of beautiful quilts accompanied by linens and unique accessories. Naturally, we needed something on which to display our quilts and we soon discovered these beautiful, local, hand-made log beds which seemed to be a perfect fit. Over the next two years, the demand for the log furniture intensified but our manufacturer was having difficulty maintaining our standards of quality and affordability. Unable to find a feasible solution, we decided to take the bull by the horns and build our own log furniture. With no previous experience, we purchased a mill and began to build our own designs. In 1993, Utah Mountain Furniture was born. We quickly implemented the criteria we sought as retailers; outstanding quality, excellent customer service, timely delivery and competitive pricing. We have been able to achieve and maintain all of these standards with a top-notch crew of quality craftsmen, many of whom have worked for us since our inception. We have been privileged to furnish every type of structure from small, isolated cabins to grand, luxury resorts. Today our retail partners are found in most of the lower 48 states. Our primary focus has been "mountain rustic"; reclaimed barnwood, gnarly aspen and lodgepole pine logs. With an ever growing demand for unique pices, we strive to continuously accent and implement new designs to keep our look fresh. Mixing woods, using carved panels and tile inserts, attching wrought-iron and antler accessories are just a few of the things we do to customize our look. Recently we've developed a new line which we've labeled "urban rustic" which you will find under the "Outtlaw" label. This line is characterized by bold colors, straight lines and rustic hardware and is our answer to the evolving demand in our market. These pieces can stand alone or be used as a complement to the mountain rustic pieces. Our design team is on the lookout for inspiration daily but our total commitment is to you, our retail partner. We appreciate your business and your total satisfaction is our top priority. We take pride in building and maintaining lasting relationships that are mutually beneficial. Every piece of furniture is hand-made right here in Salt Lake City, Utah. We use NO pre-built components imported from Mexico or Asia so when you buy from us, you support our beloved USA. Please feel free to browse our website, keeping in mind that we can custom design any of our pieces to create a line that wil be a perfect fit for your needs.  
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