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Vitro Seating Products
201 Madison Street
St. Louis, MO 63102

Telephone: 314-241-2265

Year Started: 1929

# American Employees: 47
  Vitro Seating Products is a St. Louis, MO based manufacturer of quality furniture for the Restaurant & Hospitality Industry. Founded in 1929 by the late R.C. Scott, Vitro's name derived from the word "VITREOUS" - a product similar to ceramic or porcelain, originally used in the manufacturing of refrigerator and counter legs, table shoes, and later on, fountain stools. Vitro began significant expansion of the product line in the early 30's to include wooden and upholstered stool seats, followed in the mid-30's by tubular steel chairs, folding tables, and suprisingly, gas ovens, broilers, and related accessories. The late 30's and early 40's witnessed Vitro bring in the "Tubular Chrome Era" with ganged chairs and sectional booth seating -- later evolving into fully upholstered booths and even a limited line of wood chairs. The 1950's introduced "Pizzaz" to the Vitro booth, chair, stool, and now table top line, which has continued to the point that Vitro has become the SOURCE for these now nostalgic pieces! The 2000's have brought forth many dramatic changes in Vitro since the early 1930's. In addition to the "Classic 50's items", the third and fourth generation of "Scott Management" has introduced a contemporary catalog, full of new and aesthetically redesigned products -- and most recently a new set of catalogs as well as a Design Department that are provided as a sales tool for the dealer salesperson, aiming focus at the concept of "cross-selling" this wide variety of furniture and services.  
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American made, veteran owned company that believes in producing the best quality furniture for the restaurant and hospitality industry all in the U.S.A.
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