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The Letter Corral, LLC
616 Little Oak St.
Newberg , OR 97132

Telephone: 503-679-7944

Year Started: 2011

# American Employees: 1
  Marsha Anderson, an experienced English as a Second Language and autism educator, set out to prove that learning can be fun when students are self-challenged. Inventing a word game began as a project to engage middle school-aged boys by tapping into their innate competitive natures. By manually moving the letter-cards around, words begin to emerge; then more, and more. She witnessed students’ confidence level rising with each word they could find. Students gain motivation, searching to find more words than their opponents. Marsha soon expanded game-testing with adults and found that all age groups immediately get hooked seeking words when given six letters placed in front of them. Writers, teachers, bankers, attorneys, hotel-owners, hairdressers, have all enjoyed playing Words Emerge!  
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Thoughts on America:
Well, my husband is retired Navy, currently working in Afghanistan helping our troops learn about their armored vehicles. I'm an Army veteran. I come from Union, working class parents. For all of 2011 I ran my website to share with others the items I found on my shopping excursions that were Made in USA. I wrote to companies chiding them for not carrying more Made in USA products, and I encouraged them to do so. I also wrote to thank companies who were still manufacturing in the US,. Companies, like Pendelton, who started making clothing in China got letters and e-mails of complaint from me. My website succeeded in making my friends more aware of reading labels before they purchase. I'm a huge supporter of buying American, and buying locally made products. I made sure my game was all made in the USA, and I'm proud of that fact!
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