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LocustGroves Handmade Gifts
104 Tumbleweed Dr
Pittsford, NY 14534

Telephone: 315-391-5733

Year Started: 2009

# American Employees: 2
  We have been making soap, and quilts since 1993. We craft soap cakes of premium pure ingredients with artisan flair! We embrace preserving a timeless craft! We hope to become your village soap maker ... dedicated to the best ingredients, made in the USA. Each batch of soap is hand processed by our family, in small batches, with care and lots of coffee. Premium ingredients only! Our soap is ALL made from scratch! No pre-manufactured soap bases, we formulate our custom recipes based on our own research and many trial batches! No added carcinogen-linked chemicals such as hexaclorophene, Triclosan, 1,4-dioxane, or other dioxins! We make CPOP (cold process, oven process) soaps, which allows for all the benefits of cold processed soaps, with a reduced cure time. Prompt, courteous service! This is our business, not a sideline hobby. Many of our customers date back to our beginning; they return for the service, as well as the soap! If you are looking for something in particular, please contact us and we will see what we can do to accommodate your request. Many people wonder how did we start making soap? Well I (Becky) began over 12 years ago. Even with a water softener system in our home, I just couldn't find a soap that didn't leave me feeling dry and itchy.. Rather than continue to invest in moisturizers to deal with the aftermath, I chose to try making my own soap. I tested multiple recipes, and finally got brave enough to make up one of my own. EUREKA!! I found it. A wonderful scent (without any additives), lather, lather, lather, and no dry skin after showering. Our friends and family have been supplied for many years, and the calls come in when they run out... Now we are making our recipes available to you. Most of our soap bases are vegan friendly, all are cold processed soap. We test/use each batch to ensure the quality of the batch. Nic became interested in soap making along with me when we became a couple. In his own words, "I never thought about it I just used what was in the shower." Today, he won't use anything else. That's how it goes with new customers, they get some for a gift, or just to try...and they just can't go back. The difference is that big. Starting a business has been something we have wanted to do for years, but with full time jobs, and family obligations there weren't just enough hours in the day to take it on. When the economy took a downturn, and Nic lost his job, we decided that we would take the risk and begin to sell our products seriously online. What a wonderful way to do business. We have made many contacts, and are enjoying ourselves greatly. We continuously evaluate products to add to the line...Lotions and Shampoos/Conditioners are currently under review and testing. Most if not everything we add to the product line is due to a need in our family somewhere. We know we can't be the only ones the problem, so it gets added to the product line after extensive testing. Family is great for that! We invite YOU to try LocustGroves products! Come feel the immediate difference & enjoy a pleasurable experience with YOUR bathing rituals! Thanks for your interest! We always appreciate feedback and suggestions!  
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As a small business owner, this is what America is all about. The small business trying to grow, to help people as it grows and to make America a better place to live.
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