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BA Products
6120 Logan Rd.
Alliance, NE 69301

Telephone: 234-206-0014

Year Started: 2010

# American Employees: 2
  My wife, Leah, and I began farming in the Alliance area in 1982. During that time I have spent much time dealing with flat pivot tires. The summer of 2008, I was standing at the back of my pickup, drenched in sweat. I had just rolled a spare tire into a corn field and the flat tire back out, which of course had run off of the rim and was now full of mud. The next task on that 100 degree day, with not a soul in sight, was to get that flat loaded on my flatbed so I could get in the cab and crank up the AC. Long story short, there was no way I was going to get that tire, that once weighed 150lb but that now was well over 200 with the mud, loaded without some assistance or ingenuity. It was like trying to load a greased pig. Finally after what seemed like an eternity in that blazing muggy heat, with the help of a come-along and a long bar I was able to get the tire loaded and on my way. As I drove down the pivot road I thought, “There has got to be an easier way and I have to figure it out ‘cause I’m not getting any younger.” We tried to come up with a solid mount carrier in the receiver hitch, which kind of worked, but you pretty much had to build it to fit the specific pickup to maintain ground clearance. This made it difficult to roll a tire on if it was full of mud, plus we had to have a different one for each pickup. Then, there was the problem of securing the tire so it wouldn’t fall off while driving down the road. We used a chain that would swing in the wind chipping paint, when there wasn’t a tire on the carrier. I then began to think of ways to build a cradle in a way that would allow one end to rotate down onto the ground so the tire would be easier to roll on. I also added a secure retaining arm to safely hold the tire in place when traveling down the highway. This design also featured pins to support the tire with multiple settings to ensure that we could put a variety of sizes of tires on any size of pickup with just one model. The rods can also be adjusted to carry two gearboxes or one gearbox and a standard pivot tire. With the encouragement of friends, the patent process was started. With the help of a close friend who is an engineer and a local manufacturer we began to improve the design, creating a one piece cradle of bent square tubing for strength. This also eliminates square corners to knock your shins on. My wife came up with the name Tip’n’Git™ and here we are. Thank you for taking the time to look at our website. We hope you will consider the purchase of a Tip’n’Git for your operation, whether it is farming, trucking, construction, pivot dealer or service.  
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