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Wellborn Cabinet, Inc.
PO Box 1210
Ashland, AL 36251

Telephone: 800-762-4475

Year Started: 1961

# American Employees: 678
  Since 1961, the Wellborn family has owned and operated Wellborn Cabinet, Inc., located in Ashland, Alabama. Our goal is to provide you with kitchen and bath cabinets made with the utmost quality and care. We are dedicated to servicing Wellborn dealers with our pledge to shipping accuracy and short lead times. We strive for excellence in this crucial function of our business. The entire Wellborn family of employees takes great pride in producing quality cabinets. All of our kitchen and bath cabinets, including doors, drawers and face frames are hand crafted right here in Alabama by dedicated Wellborn employees. Wellborn's facility controls quality from the timber that arrives at our sawmill to the finished cabinet. This ensures the kitchen and bath cabinets you receive will be of the highest quality. In addition to our quality, Wellborn offers cabinets in a range of styles and pricing for every room of your home.  
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Thoughts on America:
We manufacture our Cabinetry in the USA, Ashland Alabama to be exact, and understand that the US economy depends on the growth of American companies. With the recession the last several years, many American companies had to lay off employees to keep their company healthy, us included, none of us took this step lightly, we recognize that each person we had to layoff effected not just the individual, but the city, county, state and USA economy as a whole. This in addition to all the companies that failed and had to close, has increased unemployment and further stretched and stressed financial issues at all levels of the US government. Americans buying American Made products will help provide additional jobs for US citizens, which in turn helps the local economy, provides income at County, States and Federal levels through taxes and helps to lower unemployment and the cost associated the unemployment program. Who suffers the most from the US Trade Deficit? Every man, woman and child in the United States of America. It affects our housing, standards of living, retirement, health and the quality of our children’s education. If we stand together we can rebuild America, make it stronger and more financially solvent.
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