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Steger Mukluks
100 Miners Drive
Ely, MN 55731

Telephone: 218-365-6634

Year Started: 1986

# American Employees: 30
  Steger Moosehide Mukluks are twice as warm and less than half the weight of traditional winter boots. They are made in the Northern Cree Indian style and have durable, flexible, treaded rubber soles. We use the best moosehides available, which means that your mukluks will remain supple and flexible through the years. With each pair you receive the best wool felt liners and insoles we can provide. Recommendations for water repellent is in the water repellent section. Remember that flexibility, breathability and insulation are the keys to warm feet. One pound of weight on your foot is equal to 5 lbs. on your lower back. Heavier does not mean warmer, it means aching legs and back. Steger Moosehide Moccasins are a wonderful experience in moccasin wear. The comfort you have dreamed of is here! Our moccasins have the same durable, flexible, treaded rubber sole plus a contour insole for superb comfort. If you are looking for footwear freedom, this is it! How did it start? While on Arctic Dogsled Expedition in 1982/83, traveling from village to village, my focus was on native culture and the respective skills.?It was during that time that I wore my first pair of mukluks, marveled at the warmth and comfort and learned to hand-sew both mukluks and moccasins from the native women. In 1985, I began making the footwear in my home, for people who would provide the leather. Step by step the company has grown, mainly by word of mouth.?Now, 27 years later, we employ 30 people and are producing 12,000 pairs of our famous footwear. The boots have been worn by numerous expeditions from the North Pole to the South Pole, and on the Iditarod Race Trail in Alaska. In early 2005, we were on Good Morning America and the Today Show. We recently made boots for cast members of the Disney movie Antarctica. We were featured in Lucky magazine and on They also have appeared in the movies Iron Will and Grumpy Old Men, were regularly seen in Northern Exposure and used in fashion shoots by Elle and Mademoiselle Magazines. We've been featured in several major newspapers across the country. We've been reviewed by some of the toughest outdoor magazine writers in the country with glowing results. Thank you all!  
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