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Ball Chain Mfg
741 South Fulton Ave
Mount Vernon, NY 10550

Telephone: 914-664-7500

Year Started: 1938

# American Employees: 90
  Ball Chain Manufacturing is the world's largest manufacturer of ball chain and attachments. We are located in Mount Vernon, NY, just outside of New York City, and to this day we remain a family-owned and operated business. Our chain and attachments have been made in the USA since 1938, the only major manufacterer that still produces ball chain in the United States, and we always provide the highest quality products at the most competitive prices. BCM has the largest variety of ball chain sizes, styles, finishes and accessory attachments in the world, and we maintain a large stock of chain and attachments and complete assemblies available for immediate delivery. Our sales team is the most knowledgeable in the industry, so if you need a custom assembly or special parts, our experience and expertise will help you find the right solution at the right price. Our chain is strong, lightweight, and will not kink. We are also the only ball chain manufacturer in the world that uses genuine T304 Stainless Steel. MT. VERNON, NY - BCM Corp. (Ball Chain Mfg Co.) has been officially identified by the Green Business Bureau as a "certified green business". The GBB is a nationally recognized organization that certifies small to medium-size businesses that comply with established environmental laws and business practices. We here at BCM have always made efforts to be environmentally proactive, and we are proud to be acknowledged – for doing our part in the manufacturing of our chain and the running of our business – to help contribute to the health of the planet. This official certification is further evidence of how seriously we take our responsibility to the global community. We are also proud that BCM is "ISO 9001:2008" certified by the International Organization for Standardization – "ISO" which has established a coordinated system of quality management standards that is recognized by 160 countries to identify qualifying companies which meet both the requirements of business and the broader needs of society. In our particular case, this indicates that our entire company, from the manufacturing process all the way through our administration process, complies with ISO standards – and because we are not just a warehouse or reseller, every part of our business operation meets these rigid standards. We have also held ourselves to the highest standards of honesty and integrity that were established by our founder, when he started BALL CHAIN MFG. Co. in a garage behind his home in the Bronx, NY – back in 1938. Today, BCM (BALL CHAIN MFG. Co.) manufactures all its chain and chain component operations in the USA, which makes us the only company still manufacturing both ball or beaded type chain and ball chain component products in the USA. By using products purchased from BCM, you will not only be assured of receiving chain and components that meet uniform world class quality standards, you will also be doing your part to be "green" – and helping your products, that have "BALL CHAIN'S", BCM Corp chain and attachments as component parts, begin to become "green" too. Please do not hesitate to call us or email for all your ball chain and component needs – and be guaranteed receiving quality products that meet the highest standards.  
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We are proud to say that we have manufactured our ball chain products in the USA since 1938 and feel that manufacturing is a very important business to our country.
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