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Fred Reed Picture Framing
426 Trabert Avenue NW
Atlanta, GA 30309

Telephone: 404-875-4372

Year Started: 1947

# American Employees: 10
  Since former art curator, Patricia Horton, took ownership of Fred Reed, she has grown Atlanta's oldest framing business from a small venture in the basement of the High Museum into the city's largest supplier of of custom frames. With 60 years of experience, Fred Reed is able to offer a huge variety of hand painted mats and hand carved frames that are unique to the market. Fred Reed Picture Framing is among only a dozen framers in the U.S. that have revived the Old World skills of frame carving and gilding. Each frame is a work of art, and is painstakingly carved, designed and finished by artisans. Today, Fred Reed Picture Framing offers more than 2,500 custom frame styles ranging from Baroque carved gilt frames to rustic frames crafted from branches, shells or pine cones. The designs for custom mats are limited only by the imagination. Fred Reed artisans hand-cut and finish each mat from the finest acid-free museum board. Mat styles can range from the whimsical hand-painted stripe or checkerboard pattern to the formal painted ink French mat. The hand finishing gives Fred Reed's mats and frames a unique, one of a kind look. Shells and seahorses are applied to mats by artists adding another layer to the finished piece of art, thus creating added textures from the art to mat to frame. Because each piece of art is framed individually, the level of customization is determined by the client. Mats and frames can be paired together by color matching, and adding detailed finishes to the mat and frame. Gold gilding is among the most popular frame finishes, and is a method of applying gold metal leafing over the traditional gesso base that dates back to the 12th century. In addition to traditional frame work, Fred Reed offers Old World restoration services including cleaning, repairing and re-varnishing and finishing all levels of old, damaged, or soiled artwork  
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Products made by hand last forever. You can not replicate the finish and quality in China. There is nothing like using real wood to build from. Our customers have grandparents that came to us in 1947 and now they come because they know there is nothing like our product. We have never advertised, strictly word of mouth and people seeing our product has driven our sales. For years we have been approached that we could make more money if we would let our product be copied in China. But then we would not need our employees or be any different. The quality and craftsmanship and individuality of the artist would cease to exist. We are proud to be American made and will not change for the sake of trading dollars for jobs.
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