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Baby Eco Trends, LLC
PO Box 143305
Miami, FL 33114

Telephone: 305-527-8734

Year Started: 2008

# American Employees: 12
  When naming our business, we felt it was important to include "Eco" because it was the best way to reflect our commitment to the environment. We also felt that it is the best way to keep our priorities in the forefront. The name has served as a constant reminder that above all, we are a green business. We like to think of it as our “3 word mission statement”. Keeping our footprint as small as possible is a high priority for us & as a result, most of our products are made in the USA by small, family owned business that adhere to & often exceed the requirements set forth by labor laws. Our imported products disclose the country of origin. Regardless of country of origin, all our items are produced free of child labor, forced labor & employees are paid a fair living wage with benefits & the freedom to organize. We imagine that our customer care about many of the same things & require detailed information about the products they buy. Customers deserve to know how, where & under what conditions items are made. Because labor issues are essentially environmental issues, we opt for certified fair trade whenever possible. We look for third party certification from reputable entities. If facilities have not been certified, we seek to ensure that production processes meet our standards. In ongoing conversations with manufacturers & importers, we share our concerns and those of our customers.  
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