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Tosca Farm Grass Fed Beef
231 Hostetter Rd.
New Waverly, TX 77358

Telephone: 866-266-8187

Year Started: 1985

# American Employees: 13
  Tosca Farm is located in the rolling hills of central Texas near New Waverly, approximately fifty miles north of Houston and 10 miles south of Huntsville on Interstate Highway 45, nestled near the south central border of Sam Houston National Forest. Established in the mid 1980's Tosca Farm not only provides pasture land for it's grass-fed cattle residing there, but the farm also supports a tree farm and a vineyard. Tosca Farm 2 Minute Video The operation focuses on pasturing grass-fed cattle that can thrive by using the available forage resources. Calves are born throughout the year and are raised by their mothers on milk and grass until six months of age. Then, in a stress free manner, they are weaned from their mother and turned out to a paddock system of pastures. The cattle then graze in a pasture for three days before being rotated to another pasture in the system. Rotating to a new pasture at three day intervals ensures that the cattle continuously feed on grass with the highest nutritional value. During the cool season, cattle graze rye, ball clover, and dormant Bermuda grass. However, when the weather turns cold, the cattle also have access to free choice of Bahia, Coastal, and Prairie grass hay that was produced on Tosca Farm. Cattle feed on Coastal Bermuda grass, Jiggs Bermuda, and Bahia grass during the warm season. Not only is Tosca Farm your gateway to beef that tastes the way nature intended, but its gently rolling hills, roads winding through trees, wildflowers in the spring and rustic rural atmosphere all combine to make a visit to Tosca Farm a memorable occasion. You are most welcome to visit Tosca Farm for a tour. Please call in advance or contact us through this website.  
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