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PFM Manufacturing Inc.
6 El Camino Roy
Townsend, MT 59644

Telephone: 406-266-5148

Year Started: 1998

# American Employees: 7
  The Land Tamer vehicle has its roots in the beautiful city of Townsend, Montana. Although the vehicle was designed for the rugged Montana terrain you can find the Land Tamer all over the world. These vehicles are used in a variety of applications and can be found as far north as the Yukon Territories, and in 30 states as far south as Florida and globally in China, Finland, Cambodia, Singapore and South Africa. Over the past 12 years, PFM has continued to provide a vehicle that provides solutions for utility companies, military, disaster relief to noxious weed control. The strong aluminum frame, hydrostatic gear drive, up to 80-h.p allows PFM to customize the vehicle relative to many different applications. PFM has made significant progress selling the Land Tamer® RAV for robotic military applications in 3 different areas of the military. The LT can be utilized as an ATV, boat, snowmobile or tractor. Company Mission: To Build The Most Versatile, Most Extreme, Heavy Duty Remote Access Vehicles Available! Storied History of 12 years manufacturing amphibious vehicles PFM Manufacturing, Inc. was founded by Patrick F. Miller Sr. as a Montana C-Corporation on September 1, 1998. “Our mission is to build the most versatile, most capable amphibious vehicle available for the working outdoorsman.” PFM was successful in developing, patenting, and introducing the new Land Tamer® 6x6 ATV to fill a niche in the marketplace for a heavy-duty, low-impact, commercial grade amphibious all-terrain vehicle. As our commercial market grew for the Land Tamer, it became apparent that a larger Land Tamer® RAV was needed. In the year 2000, the Land Tamer® 8x8 model was introduced to fill the need for a heavier hauling amphibious vehicle. In conjunction with introducing the Land Tamer® 8x8, commercial customers demanded a diesel model. Consequently in 2001, PFM introduced the first diesel engine powered Land Tamer® 8x8. The Land Tamer® has vastly superior capabilities over the typical amphibious vehicles on the market, and it was found that referencing this superior vehicle as an “ATV” simply did not do justice to the Land Tamer® capabilities. In 2005 the name “Remote Access Vehicle” (RAV) was chosen to differentiate the Land Tamer® from other less capable recreational vehicles. Coinciding with the new name reference were new design improvements and upgrades to the vehicle that made it even more capable and more versatile than ever before. The new 2005 Land Tamer® II RAV featured taller, more durable truck or Ag tires, higher ground clearance, larger cargo capacities, and a sealed hydraulic gear drive system. Other upgrades included a simple to use T-handle or electric joystick control, and a more powerful, external mounted water propulsion system. Over the past decade the Land Tamer has evolved to what is now the state of the art in amphibious vehicle design. The PFM Manufacturing Inc. has caught the attention of prime military contractors as a versatile robotic platform for various military and homeland security applications. Additionally, the Land Tamer can be found in other heavy duty working applications such as seismic, oil & gas exploration, mosquito control, and humanitarian demining all around the world. PFM Manufacturing, Inc. has become the leader of the heavy duty remote access amphibious vehicle market by providing a cost effective means of travel for the working outdoorsman.  
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