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Teton Waters Ranch
PO Box 369 11780 W Highway 33
Tetonia, ID 83452

Telephone: 720-340-4590

Year Started: 2006

# American Employees: 6
  In 2006, we started planting grasses on our 5,000 acre ranch in Idaho's secluded Teton Valley. When we took over stewardship of the ranch, we listened and we learned. We wanted to understand what this place was about – how the farmers used the land, how the wildlife used the land – and observe the natural cycles of the land. We did not just plant any grass, but rather worked with a local company that specializes in native grasses to develop a seed mix of grasses, forbs and legumes native to our specific location. These plants evolved over thousands of years to thrive in this region, without external inputs such as irrigation or synthetic fertilizers, but with the help of grazing animals. We decided to let cattle roam our land to mimic the natural grazing patterns of wild animals, and at the same time employ a method of food production appropriate for this climate and this landscape. We are not taking from the soil, but rather rebuilding it. Our cattle are free to roam and exhibit natural patterns of behavior, grazing our summer pastures. They are never given growth hormones or antibiotics, are never fed grain, and are never denied access to grass. Because our winters can be long and tough on cattle, we move them down-country where the winters are mild. There, they eat grass harvested from our ranch and other local high-quality hay. Still, they never set foot in a feedlot, and are always given ample room to roam on healthy pastures. We treat our cattle well, always keeping food and water close at hand. As a result, they stay healthy and gain weight well on grass alone, the food they evolved to eat. We invite you to learn more about our land, our cattle and our people, and to try our 100% grass-fed beef.  
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Thoughts on America:
For Americans to buy beef from outside the borders of the United States is absurd, yet franchises do so and undermine the stability of US based ranches. One of the biggest American archetypes is the western Cowboy!
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