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Wood-Mizer Products
8180 W 10th St.
Indianapolis, IN 46214

Telephone: 1.800.553.0182

Year Started: 1982

# American Employees: 150
  Thanks for your interest in Wood-Mizer! You're about to find out what more than 40,000 Wood-Mizer sawmill owners already know-that we make the best mills money can buy, and provide the best service to go along with our mills. Our staff is dedicated to making your sawmill work for you. When founding the company more than twenty-five years ago, my wife Phyllis and I set out to provide a product that would make a positive difference in people's lives. We decided we wouldn't operate like most factories. We decided to put compassion and family at the forefront of our operation. When you walk in the front door of any Wood-Mizer branch, you can sense the difference. We'll always make you feel right at home. Since Wood-Mizer's creation, dozens of other sawmill companies have come into being. We're confident that after exploring all the possibilities, you'll find that Wood-Mizer offers the safest, most convenient, and most efficient mills around. We like to say "the proof's in the performance." We invite you to come see a Wood-Mizer mill in action so you can test that theory yourself. Wood-Mizer also offers a line of secondary processing equipment to help you get the most value out of your lumber. We also offer top of the line material handling features that will reduce your labor, and increase your productivity. When you buy a Wood-Mizer, you're not just buying a mill-you're becoming part of our extended family. We hope you find our web site informative and helpful. Please don't hesitate to call or drop by any of our locations for a free sawmill consultation. Don Laskowski Founder TIMELINE 1978 Don Laskowski and his wife, Phyllis, founded Wood-Mizer Products in Indianapolis. The first big-seller was Don's invention, the Dupli-Carver. This three-dimensional carving machine revolutionized woodworking. 1981 The first Wood-Mizer sawmill prototype was created by Don Laskowski and fellow engineer Dan Tekulve. 1982 The first Wood-Mizer sawmill was sold to Joe Bistrovich of Lee Center, New York. 1990 Wood-Mizer Poland was established with headquarters in Kolo, Poland, paying homage to the Polish heritage of Wood-Mizer's founding family. 1995 Greater cutting capacity sawmill model comes to the market. 1996-1997 Super Hydraulic models are produced and marketed for the first time. 2001 LT300 Thin Kerf Headrig Industrial sawmill is introduced. 2002 LT70 hydraulic sawmill introduced to the market. Wood-Mizer celebrates 20th anniversary of sawmill operations. 2003 Jeff Laskowski, following in his father's footsteps, becomes the President and CEO of Wood-Mizer.  
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We're proud to be one of the top sawmill production companies in America.
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