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Bar B Que Specialties, Inc.
1708 Road 7
Grafton, NE 68365

Telephone: 402-282-7264

Year Started: 2002

# American Employees: 9
  Welcome to Bar B Que Specialties, Inc., home of JB’s FAT BOY Barbecue sauces and Rubs/Seasonings! Seated in the very heartland of America’s farming enterprise, we have taken that same hard working ethic, and applied it to our working business environment, with the result of a fast growing company, well known for its quality products. Incorporated in 2002, Bar B Que Specialties, Inc. was created to market the rub seasonings that Mr. Burt developed to use in his food vending operation. That particular food vending operation had traveled extensively over much of the United States, and along the way, Mr. Burt had become educated to the benefits of using rubs in grilling and smoking his meat products, to obtain optimal tenderness as well as a moist food product. After using various meat rubs already available on the market, he developed one more suited to his own operation, a rub totally unique to the marketplace. As more and more people became acquainted with his grilled and smoked meats, the request to purchase his rub came more and more frequently, and the company was formed to market it. Over time, this Premium Original Rub has expanded, first to four rubs, and now, very recently, to a line of seven different rub/seasonings, each distinctive in its taste and heat level, and with differences in the texture as well. Today, JB’S FAT BOY , Grafton’s Finest, offers our quality rub/seasonings in Premium Original, Cajun, Chipotle, Sweet, Basic, Cowgirl Ride 'Em Rub, and Premium Steak. The all new Premium Steak Rub has a texture, aroma, and taste, totally exclusive to all of the other rubs, and is rapidly challenging the others in favorite status. We have found to our amazement that these products, while fantastic as rubs/seasonings that seal the meat surface to offer a moist and more flavorful meat product, also make a great seasoning for a variety of casseroles, vegetables, and prepared meat dishes as well! As our line of rubs/seasonings have flourished, the company has expanded to include a totally new concept in barbecue sauces, beginning with our JB’S FAT BOY Original Haugwaush, and now expanding to include our Sticky Stuff and Chipotle. Unlike the common weak sauces on the market, these sauces are thick with chunks of seasonings in them, and a fullness of taste that delights the taste buds as it lingers. Added in 2005 is a Cowboy Hot Sauce, for the really brave, and Apple Cider Honey Mustard, which gives an interesting twist to barbecue sauce. In keeping with our rural farming roots, we recently developed a line of ‘It’s Smokin’ one-time use grilling smoke cans, employing the heart of the ever-so-common corn cob, to create flavored pellets, which emit a much sweeter smelling smoke than pellets derived from wood. These inexpensive, one-time use pellets, turn the ordinary cooking grill into a one-time smoker. Available in three different flavors, they further enhance the grilling operation to make each and every meal a memorable experience. The unique quality of each of our rubs/seasonings and sauces, is equaled by the labels that highlight them. Created in Omaha, Nebraska, these labels further advocate the farming background of the company, while providing very colorful presentation of the great products offered. Further development of products within our company has been enhanced by Mr. Burt’s participation in a competitive ‘Grilling Team’ which has won numerous awards throughout the Midwest and beyond. The skills mastered in these competitions, and the knowledge obtained from discussion with other teams, will no doubt lead to even more product introduction in the months and years ahead. Our company’s goal is to provide the public with an easy means of creating exciting, distinctive meals in an everyday environment, so that each meal is a memorable experience. With the introduction of our seasonings, sauces, and our smoke can products, we truly believe that this goal is being reached. Try JB’S FAT BOY products, and find out for yourself what great quality products are available from Grafton, Nebraska.  
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