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Dip Sensations
15426 Circle Drive
Bath, MI 48808

Telephone: 517-505-1222

Year Started: 2005

# American Employees: 2
  Dip Sensations is a licensed Michigan food business. We have provided quality & unique dry dip & cheese ball mixes for over 5 years. Dip Sensations has established itself locally as a leading supplier of dip mixes. Dip Sensations is proudly Made In Michigan! It’s a simple known fact that to make great food, the less ingredients you have to mix the more time you have to enjoy your friends & family. Dip Sensations has stuck to that rule; making convenient dip mixes that only require one extra ingredient: Sour Cream, Olive Oil or Cream cheese depending on variety. With Dip Sensations life cannot be easier, each convenient pouch is designed for ease of preparation. With over 10 varieties to choose from, our dips & cheese ball mixes will satisfy any taste.  
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