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6071 Neubauer Ranch Rd.
Aubrey, TX 76227

Telephone: 940-390-5959

Year Started: 2005

# American Employees: 2
  From the time I was a child, the neighbors would bring me unruly ponies to ride. I was delighted to ride the hair off those ornery little critters and get them broke for other children to ride. As I grew older, my love of horses never wavered. I rode, trained, bought and sold many horses. I learned valuable lessons each day about my first love. By my late 20's I ended up here in Texas, the real horse world. I found Allan (my second love), a man that could finally put up with me, and my life gained a well rounded balance. We specialized in Western Pleasure horses, which represent to us the perfect ballet of movement. We have raised and trained many a great horse -- 4 L Rock Zip, My Impressive Spot, Ms Syracoosa, Miss Zippo Win, Impressive Twist, The Coosanova, Fairly Tall Tale, and Coosa Lad -- to name a few. Our world, with our children, revolved around our horses. Ever since I can remember, I had dreams of being a cowboy in the Real West. To me, the Real West was cowboys, horses, cattle and all things western. I finally did reach the land of my dreams. The Real West is still alive here in Texas, and I did become a cowboy, er well, cowgirl. The spirit of the Real West truly lives within me. My jewelry creations are inspired by my love of horses and the excitement of showing, along with my love of the Real West. It is my joy to build a necklace which perfectly complements a beautiful western show outfit for a fellow competitor, or to adorn them for a night on the town or special event. As you browse through our selection of custom necklaces and earrings, just remember, they are made by a true western artist who knows that "real cowgirls wear bling!" - Kay Neubauer  
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