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960 SE Monmouth Cutoff
Dallas, OR 97338

Telephone: 503-623-1234

Year Started: 2005

# American Employees: 23
  We love to grill and have a passion for barbequing. We’d been using a propane gas grill for years and didn’t like way it dried out our food,and charcoal grilling was inconsistent. The meat was often still raw in the middle and that didn’t go down so well with our guests! We dreamt of cooking with wood like hickory – but couldn’t find a grill that was convenient to use. We also wanted to have better control of the cooking environment to get perfect results every time. We investigated existing wood pellet grills but found that most were made in China. When we talked to friends who had bought these grills, we discovered they rust out quickly. The grills were hard to clean and didn’t allow for long periods of cooking or smoking without constantly refilling the fuel hopper. Even worse, we would have to buy an additional grill to actually flame cook our food since these grills didn’t have that function. Besides, we wanted a grill with a warming box that would keep our food hot. Luckily, Bob has over 20 years experience working with metals, and we own Mak Metals, a precision sheet metal manufacturing company. So we sat down with our team and made a list of all of the features we wanted to have in the perfect smoker grill. Then they went to work, perfecting each element and using only the finest materials. As a veteran, Bob felt strongly that all labor and materials used to build the grill should be American sourced and the finest American quality. The grill was in development for over a year before we felt it was completely perfected. We cooked on it every day, often cooking for our employees. The smell of wood smoke drifting around the factory made everyone hungry! Based on the reactions we got from the food, we decided it was time to share our invention -- so we made a few grills for friends and relatives to try. The rest is history. Now our grill is winning important barbeque contests and cookoffs and the word is out. The MAK GRILL is the finest barbeque smoker grill on the market. We still cook on ours every day – at home and at our business. It’s our complete outdoor kitchen and we use it year round. If you visit our factory you will probably smell the incredible aroma of true wood-fired barbecue in all its glory! We promise our customers that we will always offer only American-made quality products. As a family-run company, we stand behind our grills and offer a solid three-year guarantee. The MAK GRILL is the result of American pride, ingenuity, and the love of barbeque.  
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Barbecue IS America's cusine. America took this form of cooking and perfected it. Today, the USA is envied around the world for our ability to produce genuine wood smoked barbecue. There is a growing awareness in this country of the importance of keeping American manufacturing jobs HERE! Our country's economy, stability and preservation is predicated on supporting American-made goods, products and services. KEEP JOBS IN AMERICA FOR AMERICANS!
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