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PDY Systems LP
420 N. Spring Garden Ave
DeLand, FL 32720

Telephone: 866-739-5651

Year Started: 2008

# American Employees: 3
  PDY Systems was formed by two brothers Paul and Graeme Purdy. When Paul decided to reorganize his equipment he became frustrated by the current portable storage on the market so he decided to design one for his own use. After much thought and a few false starts he sat down with a mug of coffee and thought about what he wanted from the design, the list went like this: * Drawers for small parts. * A storage bin for larger parts and equipment. * No difficult catches. * No flaps over the drawers to stand on and break. * Nothing to mix between compartments. * Nothing to jam the drawers. * No lids on the drawers. * Faster and easier to use than any other storage system with drawers. Paul then went to work on the drawing board with a clean sheet of paper, then he produced a wooden model. The system worked so well he rushed to a patent agent and filed for a patent then he went to see Graeme for some more feedback. Graeme was so impressed with the design he decided there and then to go into partnership with Paul and PDY Systems was born. Graeme saw the potential to use the design to produce a toolbox and a fishing tackle box. Graeme then organized the manufacturing and completed some market research. We have since completed extensive market reserch to make sure this is the system you need. Graeme and Paul both firmly believe that manufacturing in the USA is the smart option when the cost of shipping and quality are taken into account. This is why all our products are made in USA. Our policy is to only produce the highest quality most innovative products that are driven by a need to replace products that haven’t changed for many years. After much development you can now purchase the result of this "eureka moment". Welcome to the next generation of storage systems.  
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