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Windkist Ranch
PO Box 250 2400 Fourmile Creek Rd
Hartsel, CO 80449

Telephone: 719-839-5817

Year Started: 2005

# American Employees: 2
  Windkist Ranch is located in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado. We breed Yaks, Boer Goats and several sheep varieties specifically to produce meat. Fresh air, clean water and pure natural pastures, as well as, good herd management, allow us to produce the highest quality stock and delicious meat. The human interaction that our animals receive allow them to be calm and gentle. We have breeding packages available to get you started. We will also work with other breeders to put together the perfect herd for your commercial needs. We, like many others, have moved back to the land to produce alternative livestock and an alternative lifestyle. We live a sustainable life, growing our own food and producing our own electricity, we are totally off the grid. All of our animals live in a sustainable manner, eating natural grass from our 350 acres and fertilizing as they go. When our pasture reaches its carrying capacity our ranch will have grown as large as it can get. We would rather produce quality, sustainable meat, than continue to grow. Enough is enough. We are currently building a tire bale house after living in a yurt for the past 5 years. The only heat the house will have is the sun shining through the almost 55 feet of glass on the South facing side. The house will also have an in-door root cellar for storing the summers bounty. This has been the most wonderful adventure we could have ever dreamed or imagined. We are blessed to share this journey with our children and their families, our wonderful animals and the breath taking beauty that surrounds us. We welcome you to share and learn with us.  
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