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South Fork Vineyard
845 Road East D South
Ogallala, NE 69153

Telephone: 308-284-6394

Year Started: 2000

# American Employees: 1
  Moving to the country in 1987 and cleaning up a small farmstead with the help of their four children, Rod and Jackie Hopken raised their kids with good work ethics through this clean up process. Once the kids were in College, on their own or married we found ourselves planting a three acre vineyard of French American hybrid and table grapes along with other fruits and raising honeybees. Now with the help of our daughter and grandson we have a little gift shop, tours, picnics, kite flying, u-pick and lots of farm animals to play with. Our busiest time of the year is spring and summer with new farm babies, pruning and getting ready for harvest. Harvest is an exciting time where friends and family come to help. We have an all volunteer crew that come for the food, friends and fresh air and of course the harvest party. A part of history - South Fork Vineyard had the U.S. Parks & Recreation Department obtain GPS coordinates on our property, and with these readings have proven that the Oregon Trail, California Trail and Pony Express once passed through our Vineyard. During our tours you will be shown where these routes once were and they were located in this area so many years ago. You will have the opportunity to see maps and a bit of history while on the tour.  
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