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Jore Corporation
34837 Innovation Drive
Ronan, MT 59864

Telephone: 406-528-4459

Year Started: 1995

# American Employees: 150
  The West was built by people with strength and great pride in their workmanship. It was a necessity that early settlers of Montana have a strong will, a resilient character and great determination to tame the rugged landscape while adapting to its dramatic climate. That spirit is alive today, both in how Montana Brand Tools are manufactured and how they perform. Montana Brand Tools are guaranteed for life to be free of defects in material and workmanship because we build these tools with pride and determination. Montana Brand Tools are a product of Jore Corporation, located in Ronan, Montana for more than 14 years. Montana Brand's heritage comes from a long line of innovative power tool accessories, Jore Corporation has built these tools for such brand names as Sears Craftsman, Black & Decker, Makita, Stanley, Ryobi and Hitachi. The cornerstone is the Quick Change Connector, which allows the user to work with many of their accessories without having to chuck new tools into their power drill. This interchangeability is accomplished by building a hex shank into many of the accessories. The Connector also ensures that the tool will not slip in the chuck of the drill. Montana Brand is proud to offer a Quick Change Connector called the "Quick Draw", to its line of products, Jore Corporation was also behind the innovation of the Screw Guide, which allows the user to drive a screw quickly and perfectly straight, without having to hold the screw in their fingers. The third accessory which has come from Jore Corporation is the Drill & Driver. The unit's modular drive body enables the user to drill holes, and then with a flip of the insert component, drive or countersink screws. This tool greatly speeds up the process of a do-it-yourself project. In 1999 Jore Corporation launched its own drill bit manufacturing facility in Ronan. The quality of these drill bits are superior to anything else made in the United States, and have been certified by critical customers in the retail and industrial markets. Montana Brand lineup includes premium titanium-coated drill bits in 17 sizes, both with a hex shank and round shank. Jore also maintains on-site robotic metal injection equipment to produce our Quick Change components, a plastic injection-molding division for the manufacture of cases and bit holders, and our own assembly and packaging crews of committed Montana men and women.  
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We compete on quality not price, but we still offer outstanding value for the money. We make products in Montana, USA and are proud of our employees and "World Class" factory.
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