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Antler Workshop & Gallery
1404 Warm Springs Drive
Dubois, WY 82513

Telephone: 307 455 2204

Year Started: 1975

# American Employees: 2
  Kurt Gordon is 4th generation of an original Vail Valley family. He grew up in a log house that his Grandfather, a logger, built on property in what now is called West Vail. Vail was just wilderness then, a lot of meadows with large herds of roaming deer and elk. His father worked in the Gillman Mine. It was here at an early age Kurt was drawn to his life long passion of antler picking, buying & selling antler and building finished product from antler. Maybe you remember seeing the antler arch around his garage door, a well known tourist attraction in Minturn during the 70’s. There, from his home on Main Street he sold everything from single antlers, to antler benches, chandeliers and began building under the name of Antler Elegance. Later in the 80’s he moved his antler business to Eagle, CO. Most of the antler Kurt works with are sheds. His favorite past time has not changed in 40 years. He still loves hiking through the woods, sage and mountain tops finding the antler himself although he also enjoys buying from ranchers and locals to keep up with the quantity required for his designs. Antler Workshop and Gallery, along the Old Yellowstone Highway, Dubois, WY Workshop in Grand Junction, late 90’s -2006 His shop has literally thousands of antlers, stacked and sorted by size; rights, lefts, pairs and singles. Each real antler is unique in it’s shape and much stronger than the reproduction or plastic cast antlers. Recently golf has become another favorite past time putting his antler picking skills to work finding lost golf balls. Later in the 90’s Kurt moved “Antler Elegance” to a larger workshop along the Colorado River in Grand Junction. He displayed his work in a large show trailer with “Antler Elegance” signage on each side. The trailer could be seen often traveling in the Vail, Aspen, Breckenridge area and occasionally through other parts of Colorado, Wyoming and the Western States. In 2006, while attending the antler rendezvous in Dubois, Wyoming he found the business location he had been looking for and relocated his business to a log home on the Old Yellowstone Highway in the west end of Dubois. “The Valley of the Warm winds reminds me of the Vail Valley when i was just a kid. I really enjoy living and working here”, says Kurt. With a new high profile location he changed the name of his business from “Antler Elegance” to “Antler Workshop & Gallery” to reflect that the antler products were hand made at this location with a gallery to show case his finished work. “I try to keep the art and design primary instead of being just a builder”. Kurt says. He has been building out of antler for over 30 years and can build most any antler product available plus has many of his own original product designs which he does not display on the web. To build a chandelier, mirror or other item Kurt selects each antler for it’s unique shape and fit within a piece adding a flair and creativity to each chandelier, sconce, candelabra, table, chair, bench, mirror, statue, arch, wine glass, wreath and yes even antler golf tees. His method of craftsmanship insures your piece to last and be handed down through generations and is signature quality. All wiring is concealed inside the antler. Extra time is involved with each chandelier or other item to give it the quality he has worked to achieve. Gordon will be the sole person building your piece and is available for consultation on custom designed pieces, traveling frequently to locations for consultations. Kurt works personally with each client to create their custom antler piece.  
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In America Antler, Horn and Clay have been used throughout the ages for tools, functional items and decorations. Our Gallery area showcases our work as well as other American crafters work.
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