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WaveWare Technologies, Inc.
9726 Skillman St.
Dallas, TX 75243

Telephone: 800-373-1466

Year Started: 1997

# American Employees: 12
  WaveWare Technologies is a Dallas, Texas Based Corporation that Provides Engineering Services, Information Management Systems Software and Wireless Communication Hardware. Our Core Products Include Distribution of Pagers and Distribution/Manufacturing of Paging Systems. The Paging Systems are High Performance, High Value Systems that allows Customers to Perform Instant Messaging to Industry Standard Tone/Vibe, Numeric and Alphanumeric, as well as Messaging to Electronic Display Units and other Paging Data Receiver Devices. WaveWare Technologies Helps Customers Achieve Cost Effective Solutions Involving Wireless Messaging, Including Systems Integration, Windows Based Software Development, Custom Information Management and Messaging Systems and Specialized Hardware. WaveWare Strives to Provide a Workplace that Fosters Pride in Workmanship and Satisfied Long-Term Employee Relationships.  
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