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Prairie Pride Farm of MN LLC
59597 185 St
Mankato, MN 56001

Telephone: 507.245.3117

Year Started: 1982

# American Employees: 4
  Roger and Dawn Hubmer own and operate a small 5th generation family farm in south central Minnesota, where they raise NON-GMO corn, non-GMO soybeans, Berkshire Pork and grass based omega-3 free range chickens, all naturally. They implement a variety of sustainable farming practices to help preserve the farm for the next generation. NO antibiotics, hormones, animal bi-products or feed grade drugs are used. We like eating meat without all that stuff in it. A Special note to you from Roger Hubmer, Hog farmer and Owner of Prairie Pride Farm "A few years back I bought a new BBQ grill and was determined to create the perfect BBQ.Having spent several years helping to grill pork while with the local pork producers association, I found that most of the pork that was bought locally, lacked flavor and could be very dry, even when it was cooked properly.The National Pork Producers Council Genetic Evaluation Study issued a report in 1995 that showed there is a great deal of difference in meat quality traits between breeds and progeny.Having raised a few of the higher placing breeds within the study, I settled on the highest ranked farms genetics that didn't sacrifice lean growth and was of the highest quality.I now believe that the pork you have purchased is the highest quality you can buy, as we are the only ones in the area to produce this type.We are confident that you will be completely satisfied." --Roger Why Buy Pork from Prairie Pride Farm? We have been raising pigs for quite some time. Then in 1998 when the hog market took a nose dive and our way of life was being threatened, we decided to make a change by taking control of our own future! Instead of pointing fingers at why our farm might not make it, we pointed to ourselves to take control of marketing. We were told by neighbors and friends what a superior breed of pork we had because of its flavor and tenderness. Prairie Pride Farm of Minnesota was born that cold winter day in 1998. We do the same things now that we did back then for our customers. We hand select each pig from our farm to become Prairie Pride Pork. Because not all pork is the same! Berkshire pork crossed with a red Duroc hog is the best eating experience you can have. We love to make you smile! We specialize in Specialty Cuts!! It's hard to find your own personal butcher these days! Winter HousePork Belly with or without the skin left on, cheek meat, leaf lard, thicker cut center cut chops, BBQ shoulder/butt roasts. Our USDA butcher is the best around and can make your dream come true!! The best frying and baking experience ever, try our leaf lard. Leaf lard makes fabulous fried chicken and flaky, biscuits and old-fashioned pie crusts. It is rendured and ready to use. Speciality Sausages too! Real butcher shop sausages made without the nitrates, nitrites or msg. Brats, Wieners, kielbasa, andoulli, chorizo, snack sticks, summer sausages. Award Winning Flavors! PORK or CHICKEN meat.  
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