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Goodhew, LLC
1604 Carter Street
Chattanooga, TN 37402

Telephone: 423-643-0821

Year Started: 2008

# American Employees: 4
  Goodhew was founded by two guys who had a vision for a company that would offer the world's finest apparel accessories, the kind of products that once you have worn, you can't imagine living without. It is so common in today's world to find companies cutting corners on products to try and reduce the price. This is never the Goodhew approach. Every product we offer is designed with the utmost care for all of the critical details that define the perfect wearing experience. Our products are constructed of the finest materials, designed to incorporate all the features that insure superior fit and comfort, made by the world's finest manufacturers, and offered at reasonable prices. Goodhew sweats the small stuff. We believe that honing the finer points is central to creating pure sock perfection. To that end, Goodhew Thread Architects focus on knitting our unique, renewable yarns into hosiery that transcends the bounds of fashion and function, yielding true Performance Lifestyle. Yes, Goodhew socks will perform as well as the best technical socks. Yes, they'll fit perfectly from the moment customers pull them on until they prop them on the coffee table at day's end. Yes, they'll last. And on the trail or in the office, they'll look good doing it. What's more, as a buyer, you'll earn a sense of satisfaction knowing that Goodhew socks fit not only your customer's feet but also their value systems. Goodhew - Boxers Like all enthusiasts, Goodhew believes that the footprint we leave on the path is as important as the journey itself. That's why our socks not only offer durability, style, and superior fit but are also American-made and sustainably-produced. Just as we create socks to last for years to come, we seek business practices that keep our earth ticking long-term: as such, we pledge to utilize renewable materials whenever possible, in both products and packaging, believing that big results often start with small actions. So what details set Goodhew socks a step above? To begin with, we consider each fiber's natural strengths in developing unique yarns for our Performance Lifestyle collections. Our Cashmerino utilizes Merino wool's natural ability to regulate body temperature and features the fiber in a finer micron count that feels as luxuriously soft as cashmere. Our blends – Cashmerino/Bamboo, Lambswool/Alpaca, and Merino/Eco-Coolmax – marry yarns with partners that yield the finest combinations of breathability, durability, and odor-control. What's more, flat toe seams, turn-welt tops, and arch supports are standard fare; and our moisture management system – courtesy of our top-quality yarn constructions – will keep your toes smiling through work and play. Though your customers may never consider why their feet feel great in Goodhew, rest assured, we've wrestled the ins and outs of hosiery construction on their behalf. Customers needn't compromise their style to enjoy Goodhew performance. With over 40 styles that range from active outdoor to lifestyle designs to business casual, Goodhew is at home under an oxford, a running shoe, or a stylish slip-on. It's true; there is a Goodhew sock to fit every walk in the walk of life. So what exactly is Goodhew? Goodhew is the soul of performance, the air of style, and the principles of social responsibility. Goodhew is high performance for the everyday world.  
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Thoughts on America:
We believe in supporting the US economy. We are committed to US manufacturing and have all of our products produced in the US. We believe that only by supporting our domestic manufacturers can we continue to maintain a strong and productive economy with a rising standard of living for Americans.
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