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Rhoades Car International 4-Wheel Bikes
108 Rhoades Lane
Hendersonville, TN 37075

Telephone: 615.590.0303

Year Started: 1991

# American Employees: 8
  Nearly 30 years ago, J. David Rhoades had a unique idea – to design and market a 4-wheel bicycle that everyone could enjoy. He appropriately named it the Rhoades Car. The very first Rhoades Car was designed, manufactured, marketed and shipped from David Rhoades’ small barn in Hendersonville, TN. It didn’t take long for Rhoades Car to outgrow that small barn and, in 1999, David moved his manufacturing facility and showroom to an industrial park in Hendersonville, TN. Like any successful entrepreneur, David continued to build and improve on the original design until he had created a line of 4-wheel bikes that would appeal to all individuals and industries. Today there are 1-person, 2-person and 4-person models in a variety of configurations. Rhoades Cars are even available with an electric-assist feature – a small electric motor powered by two 12-volt batteries just in case you get tired while pedaling! David depended on local companies that shared his high quality craftsmanship philosophy to produce custom components for his 4-wheel “quad” bikes. Well, the new idea prospered and David was well on his way to success with a unique product along with an advertising strategy that was second to none. His small 2” Rhoades Car box ad became a staple in the advertising industry. David became an expert at attracting attention to his website as well and today, thousands of individuals visit the Rhoades Car website every week. Others have tried (and continue to try) to emulate Rhoades Car designs but fail when it comes to his most unique concept - which is to build THE most quality-conscious 4-wheel bicycle products on the market – made in the USA! David called them "The 4-Wheel Bikes that Drive Like a Car” and now his dream claims international fame. What started in Johnny Cash's tiny little home town of Hendersonville, TN, Rhoades Cars have been shipped all over the world - to all seven continents. Rhoades Car features a plethora of 4-wheel bikes that touch literally every demographic. There are so many uses it’s hard to name them all! Here are just a few: * Energy-conscious consumers looking to save our environment * Families looking to reclaim that special time with children * ANYONE looking to shed a few pounds and get in shape * Retirees (young and not so young) looking for a fun way to stay in touch with their spouses * Elder adults looking to keep active * Entrepreneurs looking for a great earnings opportunity (e.g., AdBikes, resort town rentals, national, international and regional distribution opportunities, etc.) * Manufacturing facilities looking to “go-green” with their maintenance and “plant tour” vehicles * The ideas are endless! In late 2009, I am sad to report, David Rhoades passed away from heart disease at age 61. What I can promise you is that his dream will always continue and one principle will never change – the Rhoades Car reputation for high quality! That will ALWAYS be paramount and engrained in every employee of Rhoades Car. You’ll notice that we have a bit of fun at Rhoades Car too. After all, we’re making 4-wheel bicycles that people have fun driving! We want our employees to have fun producing them, our suppliers to enjoy making the parts for us, our advertisers to enjoy placing our ads, our drivers to have fun delivering the bikes to our customers but, most importantly, we want our customers to enjoy the experience of purchasing a Rhoades Car - every step of the way. Our manufacturing facility and showroom has been moved to a new and larger facility at 108 Rhoades Lane, Hendersonville, TN 37075. We invite you to come for a visit. If you call ahead, we’ll even arrange for you to test drive a Rhoades Car around our ½ mile Rhoades Car Test Track! Our website is in the process of being completely redesigned so be sure to stop back soon to see all the improvements. In a few months we’ll be adding features such as “Build Your Own Virtual Rhoades Car”, where you’ll be able to see what your custom-built Rhoades Car will look like with the special options you choose. Our systems are being updated and purchasers will soon be able to track the production of their Rhoades Car on a real-time basis. You’ll even be able to log in and watch YOUR Rhoades Car being built on the day it is scheduled using, our soon-to-be-live, Rhoades-cam. There are so many new things happening at Rhoades Car with new ideas being generated each day! Can you feel the excitement? I hope so. We sure look forward to building YOUR very own Rhoades Car so that you can join the proud family of Rhoades Car owners! I am always open to questions and creative ideas from Rhoades Car enthusiasts. Please send your email directly to me at and I’ll personally respond to your request. Thanks for visiting! It’s a great day at Rhoades Car! Bill Pomakoy, President Rhoades Car International  
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