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Whiteside Mfg.
309 Hayes St.

Telephone: (740) 363-1179

Year Started: 1954

# American Employees: 35
  Whiteside Manufacturing is the nation's leading manufacturer of creepers, mechanic's seats and related items. We are the third generation to work this business located in Delaware, Ohio.  
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Thoughts on America:
Being the 3rd generation of family to work in this business, I have seen first hand how our business has been negatively affected by the direction our country has gone. We have gotten away from quality and replaced it with price. Because of this, we have seen many businesses in our local community close up shop. The ironic thing is that we are doing this to ourselves! We continue to buy things for price and local companies go out of business which means there are even more unemployed people. It is a vicious cycle that we are going through - but we aren't learning! It is time to do something about it - to reform our country one person at a time!
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