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Tippmann Post Driving Equipment
3518 Adams Center Rd.
Fort Wayne, IN 46806

Telephone: 2604131339

Year Started: 1986

# American Employees: 22
  Tippmann Specializes in R&D, we have successfully developed hundreds of parts and products from concept to assembly. We hold patents for dozens of products within our own corporation and are constantly working on new and exciting innovations. Established in 1991, Tippmann Industrial Products, Inc., is a privately owned manufacturer, specializing in developing products which operate off of propane as well as pneumatic and manual power. Our strength lies in our ability to provide a quality product that will out perform the competition. Our newest venture, a unique propane powered post driver, operates off of a standard 14 oz. propane tank and is 100% self contained. The Propane Hammer does not require an air compressor or hydraulic unit. About the founder: Dennis Tippmann, Sr. got his start in the pneumatics industry in 1983. That year, Tippmann Pneumatics, Inc. began manufacturing air powered paintball markers (guns), and accessories. As Dennis Tippmann's knowledge of Pneumatics grew, he decided to branch off into other areas which could utilize pneumatic power. A short time later, Dennis began to manufacture Pneumatic Die Presses and as well as Pneumatic Stitching Equipment. In 1991, Dennis launched Tippmann Industrial Products, manufacturer of high performance leather crafting equipment. These leather sewing machines and leather die cutting machines were designed to sew and die cut anything from canvas to leather. After putting thousands of the machines on the market, it did not take long for people to realize that the affordable and useful design of our equipment could be applied to countless applications in and outside of leather crafting. As we look forward, we see the Tippmann Propane Powered Post Driver to set a new standard as to the manner in which posts are driven. We are going to continue to broaden this area of our product line to include many more exciting innovations in the post-driving market. To learn more about our companies and our variety of different product lines, feel free to visit these additional web sites: You may also call us TOLL FREE at 866-286-8046.  
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