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Dale Adams Enterprises
315 Gougler Ave
Kent, OH 44240

Telephone: 800-266-3321

Year Started: 1976

# American Employees: 18
  Dale Adams Enterprises is a small family business consisting of Dale Adams and his wife Josie. Dale started restoring cars professionally in 1976. Twenty-nine full restorations were completed before Dale finally decided to move away from the restoration field. During this time, Dale’s dislike of creepers became so strong that he created his own state of the art creeper: the Bone™. The creepers were initially sold by Pegasus Products Company, a partner company to Dale Adams Enterprises starting in 1996, and in 2004 Dale Adams Enterprises took over the responsibilities of manufacturing the creepers. Today, Dale Adams Enterprises has a number of functions, from machining, to cutting steel tubing for rack and pinion steering housings, to the creepers. Dale & Josie's son Jeremy takes care of the day-to-day business, makes sure our customers are happy, and also handles the Art and Website departments. Bryan Whitely is in charge of the company's sales. Of course, the most important members of the team are the people who assemble the and ship out the creepers. The future has more in store for us, and we will announce new developments as they come. The Birth of The Bone It was a hot, steamy August night in Tulsa. I was working on my car trying to get it running so I could get to work the next day. After midnight, having struggled for hours, I was nearly finished. Sweating profusely, I rolled back under the car on my creeper when for the umpteenth time the creeper wheels hit my droplight cord and stopped. Struggling against the obstacle, I pushed harder. The little cord might has well of been the Grand Canyon. There was no way I was going to cross it. I rolled back to get a run at it. I hit the cord, the creeper stopped dead and flipped over, dumping me face down on the drop light. Now, sweaty, mad and with a nasty burn on my face I struggled back on top of that tormentor and angrily slid out from under the car. As if I hadn't experienced enough misery when I tried to get off, that creeper tipped up and dropped me on my butt. Coolly, I stood up and threw the creeper out in the middle of the yard where it remained for several weeks. That night as I lay in bed I was thinking. There has to be a better way. If those cheap little wheels weren't so small they would roll over that cord. If they were far enough out to the corners the creeper couldn't flip or tip. Years went by; my hate of creepers grew worse. I could design and build a better creeper and the world would be a better place for it. The Bone™ was born out of this agony and frustration, relieving the world of at least one aggravation. – Dale Adams, Inventor Now you and mechanics everywhere can be freed from their old, obsolete designed tormentor and get a creeper that really works. The Bone™ moves easily, won’t get hung up, is very comfortable, and won’t break. A creeper made by mechanics for mechanics …Ride the Bone!  
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