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Uncle Robby's BBQ Smoking Woods
478 Schiller St.
Elizabeth, NJ 07206

Telephone: 908-351-0008

Year Started: 2003

# American Employees: 5
  The Story of Uncle Robby As a young boy, little "Uncle Robby" grew up in the deep woods of heartland America. Little Uncle Robby, at a young age, would help his Grandpa tend to the family farm and help to prune all the trees in their orchard. He learned everything a boy could ever know about wood working in these orchards. He cut logs for his Grandpa's smoke house, which they used every Sunday to smoke the family's meal. He gathered wood daily and collected it for all of the wonderful smoked BBQ that the family loved to eat. Even as a youngster Uncle Robby was always known for picking the "best and sweetest" woods for all of the BBQ him and his Grandpa would smoke in their log smokehouse. As Uncle Robby got older he was beginning to take all the orchard trimming duties and smoke house operations over from his Grandpa. As he was growing up, friends and neighbors, as well as his magnificent Grandma, always called him, "Sugar Fingers." This nickname would stick with him for years. Uncle Robby would always pick the sweetest woods and had great knowhow of what woods to use for different types of meats. He would take these sweet woods and fine pork hams and place them in his smoke house to let smoke all day. He lovingly stood over those slow burning sweet wood logs for hours at a time. All the folks loved Uncle Robby's delicious hams. His smokehouse always had a fantastic BBQ aroma that filled the entire town. Each year, he would enter local cook-offs and won all the first place prizes at the Annual Country Fairs. Uncle Robby was a proud pitmaster. He would eventually enter more and more delicious meats and he would surely win more first place prizes and ribbons too. Realizing he had a great recipes for smoked foods, Uncle Robby started selling his fantastic BBQ foods. He made everyone happy! So, he opened a road side stand and called it Uncle Robby's Lip Smackin' BBQ .The townsfolk all turned out to eat his wonderful tasting foods. His woods were so sweet and his "Q" was the best in the county. People would come from miles around for a taste of his "real" smoked masterpieces. As the years went by, Uncle Robby enjoyed teaching all the youngsters how to pick the best and sweetest woods to cook great smoked BBQ. He wanted to pass his many traditions on to the next generation. They all loved his many stories about how important "sweet wood" was to cook tasty BBQ. All the town children loved cheerful Uncle Robby and his great food. Today, "Uncle Robby" still enjoys teaching future pitmasters about great and audacious BBQ woods and how to prepare great BBQ. As he likes to say, "You can't have the best smokin' delicious BBQ without a good wood." Tradition and sweet woods continue on with Uncle Robby's BBQ Woods. Our complete selections of Uncle Robby's Woods are available in our beautiful showroom in Elizabeth, NJ…not far from the Jersey Gardens Mall and IKEA.  
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