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Ernst Manufacturing, Inc.
37570 Ruben Lane
Sandy, OR 97055

Telephone: 503 668 5597

Year Started: 1981

# American Employees: 10
  In 1981, Ernst Manufacturing started and grew out of the interests of its founder and President, Greg Ernst. An energetic inventor and hobbyist, Ernst developed a series of accessories for the model train and airplane industry. Soon, Greg Ernst turned his passion for invention and innovation to tool organization products for the professional and home mechanic. As a dedicated mechanic himself, owning a large tool collection and several vintage cars which he personally restored, Ernst was keenly aware of the need for mechanics to stay organized. He began to develop tool organization products that met his high standards for quality, ease-of-use, and practicality. He developed a best-selling series of ‘Gripper’ Wrench Organizers made out of an advanced “soft” plastic which, while remaining solvent and chemical resistant, allows for ease of use and convenient storage and transportation of wrenches. He has also developed many tool organization products for mechanic’s tool boxes. Among the products is a complete Universal Socket Organization System that utilizes patented universal rails and a socket Dura-clip featuring a patented, durable “spring” that securely holds sockets, yet allows for quick and easy retrieval for use. To complement the Universal Socket System, Ernst developed an exclusive Cart Mount Socket System that enables loaded socket rails to be rapidly transferred from tool box to mobile cart, resulting in added convenience and time-savings for the mechanic. In addition, he created a completely customizable Tool Box Drawer Divider System. This system has solved the dreaded, age-old “drawer disaster” problem for mechanics and has received rave reviews from leaders in the tool industry. Some of the newest products developed by Ernst are the No-slip Low Profile Wrench Rails and the No-slip Low Profile Screwdriver Rails. They are a perfect fit for all drawers, even the most shallow. Also new for 2009 is Greg's Drip-free Oil Filter Funnel, which lets you change the oil in your Harley Davidson® motorcycle without the headache of the mess. And more products are coming soon! Greg Ernst holds five United States patents on his designs and his company, Ernst Manufacturing, Inc., supplies products for some of the leading names in the tool industry, including Snap-On, MAC Tools, and S-K Tools. Ernst continues to develop new, exciting products for tool organization and the tool industry. As dynamic, growing, innovative American company, Ernst produces all of its products at a plant in the United States and is committed to remaining an American manufacturer.  
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