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Tickle Toes
253 Main Street, Suite 195
Matawan, NJ 07747

Telephone: 732-242-9795

Year Started: 2002

# American Employees: 8
  Long ago, in a land not so far away, a young couple set out for an afternoon stroll in the park. It was a beautiful day in autumn; the leaves shimmered as the sun affectionately showered down warm rays of light. The mixture of cool temperature and warm sun made for a busy day at the park. As the couple continued on their path passing a small pond located near the garden, they couldn't help but notice the numerous newborns and infants that were being chauffeured around in strollers, playing in the grass or simply taking a nap in the shade which was generously provided by majestic trees. The couple observed that most of the babies, while wearing fun and trendy outfits, were lacking any semblance of style when it came to accessories. Most of the little ones were wearing old-fashioned bibs that lacked not only in design but also in quality. The blankets seemed either too cumbersome or too ordinary. They couldn’t help but wonder why the most precious beings on earth were being deprived of beautiful accessories? They stopped for a moment near a patch of grass where a father was laying on his side with his infant daughter directly next to him. He was gently tickling the baby by lightly running the tip of his index finger along her toes. Her laughter made the couple smile. That night the woman had a dream and just as soon as her dream had ended she sprung up and immediately wanted to share the dream with her husband. "I've got it! We should make our own bibs and put cute sayings on them like "I Love My Mommy" or "Daddy's Girl". We could call the brand Tickle Toes and make products using only the highest quality materials possible. We can make all sorts of other blankets, moses baskets, burp cloths, and hooded towels. We will make all of our products here in the USA and take great pride in craftsmanship. And…….." "Ok hun that sounds great, really… all of it sounds great and I would love to continue this conversation but first can we go back to sleep, it's only 3 am?" replied the husband. That morning the young couple picked up where they left off in the middle of the night and before long “Tickle Toes” was established, turning her dream into reality. They have been working hard ever since to adorn each beautiful bundle of joy with the most luxurious and comfortable accessories around.  
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