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Brookville Roadster
718 Albert Road
Brookville, OH 45309

Telephone: 9378334605

Year Started: 1972

# American Employees: 45
  Thanks for your interest in Brookville products. The beginnings for Brookville Roadster were laid over thirty-six years ago much like the start of other street rodding businesses. Ray Gollahon was just trying to support his own car hobby and make some sheet metal parts needed to restore his own car. As a career metal worker and an avid Model A and '32 enthusiast it was a natural start. The first year, at a 1972 swap meet event he and his wife Donna sold out all of their patch panels and components the first day. The goal all along has been to maintain control over every possible step in the manufacturing process. Steady investments in the kind of machinery, technology and skilled craftsmen required to produce these components has resulted today in unmatched manufacturing capabilities and award winning product quality. Our reproduction 1932 Ford Three Window door latch you see at right is an excellent example of just how far we can go to produce the most accurate components for our customers. Virtually every part of this complicated yet reliable latch system must be made by our crew. Over twenty individual pieces must be machined, stamped or turned to the original specs because they simply no longer exist from any supplier. This latch set is representative of every part we manufacture. Each panel, door, deck lid and fender is equal to or superior and will interchange with the original parts they are replacing. After more than twenty years of continued customer loyalty we had another great idea. Since we already had all the separate components to repair any Model A roadster and roadster pickup, why not buid complete replacement bodies? Thus, Brookville Roadster, Inc. was born. Starting with what we knew best, we first introduced our 1928-29 Model A roadster and the 1928-29 roadster pick-up complete bodies in 1982. Soon after came the 1930-31 bodies and then our exclusive extended cab versions of the roadster pick-ups. The Model A continues to be a major part of our business and has remained popular with restorers and rodders alike . Before Brookville, the only choices for street rod bodies were original survivors, with all their years of wear and tear, or fiberglass reproductions. It has been argued that the rodding hobby would not be where it is today without the fiberglass option. The costs to tool-up for a fiberglass body is a fraction of that to manufacture a full steel structure and the relative ease of finish-out made them an attractive alternative. In 2004, we took our next giant leap. Beyond the iconic '32 roadster, the handsome '32 Three Window coupe is one of the most popular cars ever produced. This level of accuracy uncovered the inconsistencies in even the highly prized original cars. To manufacture the best possible reproduction body, the variables needed to be eliminated and soon the solution was clear. We then decided to create a huge one-piece stamping of each entire side of the coupe body. This assured that each car would have the exact same door clearances and would greatly strengthen the body structure during final assembly and finishing. The process is modern but the resulting body is accurate right down to the bracing, wood and that complicated door latch we spoke of earlier. That's a bit of our history, how we approach our business and some information about our product quality. Whether you are ready to build the perfect new street rod project or simply need to replace some worn body panels on your original body, Brookville is the right place to start. For your new project there is no better foundation than one of our starter kits. We have created body and chassis packages that will give you a big head start by including most of the major components you'll need. Choose from classic full fendered styles to traditional Hi-Boy fenderless rods, roadster pick-ups or our award winning Three Window coupe. Take the time to dream using the handy work sheets included in each model section. Each package has enough options to fill most needs and we will be happy to discuss any ideas you may have for your dream car. The body section outlines each of our All-Steel models in detail. Remember, Brookville bodies can be used on any original frame too. Thanks again for your interest and we look forward to working with you on your next project. Kenny Gollahon  
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