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Pressure Smoke USA
652so 200e
Willard, UT 84340

Telephone: 888-937-9707

Year Started: 2008

# American Employees: 100
  It was two years ago we were doing the annual cattle push from Wyoming back to the Diamond W Ranch in Utah… This cattle drive takes place 4 or 5 times a season when the ranch association combines all of the Cowboys to help in the rotation of all of our cattle which combined is an average of Ten Thousand Head… It takes a lot of Cowman and Cowboys on horseback to make drives like these… At the end of each drive we all meet back at Cow Camp for a good chuck and drinks… The Ranch favorite to prepare for chuck is beef…After all, it’s what’s for supper!!! There is nothing like the romance of the prairie and the smell of good smoke smoking away on a big fat Beef Briskets… Until now this has taken an extra man all day to tend to the smoker back at cow camp which could be an extra out rider helping with the rest of the crew… One year we drew straws and Grimy drew short and had to stay back at cow camp to cook and prepare every thing…Well when we got back to camp and grub was called …Hell, Grimy drank all the freakin beer and the dumb hickabilly didn’t cook enough brisket… So Grass drew his pistol and started shootin at Grimy… It was a dam good thing Grimy was a fast runner and there was a lock on the shit house… So that started me a thinkin'... How can I get the same tender texture out of a brisket in half the time… So old Mose (one of our best out riders) said "hell Amos, inject steam into that old piece of shit smoker"… So I found an old whiskey still back under one of the bunk house’s at the D which is an old man camp in the middle of the range were Cowboy’s find shelter in the winter gathering up stragglers which some times goes into well after Christmas… the first time I cooked with the still unit attached to the smoker it did a brisket in 1 hour and 45 minutes ready to eat… since then there has been plenty of beer and grub for the whole crew… And an extra cowboy to push the cows … After all a Cowboy is a dyin' breed!!!! Our goal is to provide our customers with the best smoking system ever created, and to provide a product where the quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten. "It's that simple" - The Cowboy  
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I'm very proud to be an American and have been approched by 2-3 asian companies that have told me their manufacturing is superior to ours, and I laughed! I had them build me a prototype and if you would like the comparison, I have that for your viewing. Thats why we have came up with the saying "There ain't no Cowboys in China".
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