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Du-More, Inc.
1751 S. 1st Street
Rogers, AR 72756

Telephone: 479-631-1088

Year Started: 1981

# American Employees: 16
  Du-More Inc., a Delaware corporation, was established in 1981 and has been based in Rogers, Arkansas ever since its formation. In addition to other products, Du-More manufactures and distributes the Dr. Du-More’s Dental Line which consists of 4 styles of manual toothbrushes, 3 flavors of dental flossers and a flavored toothpick, all of which are biodegradable. Dr. Du-More’s Dental Line provides a true balance of quality products that are excellent for the environment and offers choices for the Socially Responsible Consumer and retailer at a fair price point for the consumer and a fair profit margin for the retailer. Du-More’s evolution to this approach and line of products followed years of other innovations. The first Du-More product was a .4% stannous fluoride gel. Initially, the FDA classified this product as a “legend drug” which restricted the sales and distribution of it through only dentists. Du-More was very successful in manufacturing and distributing this gel to dentists nationwide. Eventually, the FDA removed the legend requirement and approved the sale of .4% stannous fluoride gel as an over-the-counter product. The product’s acceptance in the over-the-counter markets was limited, causing Du-More to develop other dental products. In 1986, Du-More introduced the original Dr. Du-More’s dental product line which included handheld flossers and manual toothbrushes. In a period when leading nationally branded dental suppliers and national retailers resisted offering handheld flossers, the Dr. Du-More’s Flosser was successfully introduced to the market by an emerging national retailer, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. The consumer was ready for this innovation as is evidenced by the large variety of handheld flossers in the present market place and the reduction of spooled floss now available to the consumer. Du-More prides itself on being sensitive to the needs of the market, and it made a major innovation in 2007 when it decided to “go green.” Du-More’s market analysis led it to the belief that retail sales are increasingly influenced by more Socially Responsible Consumers. To meet their needs, this growing group of customers often purchases something above the opening price point, and they are true shoppers. The reasons for their purchases can be many: quality product, reasonably priced item, made in the USA, void of artificial decorations designed to raise the price but not enhance the use or purpose of the item, among others. They are also aware of mankind’s need to improve its stewardship of the environment. They are looking for an opportunity to help, not further harm, our planet. This recent market analysis served as the impetuous for the refashioning of Dr. Du-More’s Dental Line. Du-More saw an opportunity to produce innovative products that appeal to the Socially Responsible Consumer and retailer, and it developed dental items – toothbrushes, flossers and toothpicks – which have almost no environmental impact after they are discarded. Dr. Du-More’s dental products are made of a plastic that biodegrades to nothing more then CO2, water and humus, without leaving fragments of petro-polymers in the soil. Once discarded, traditional toothbrushes, flossers and plastic toothpicks remain in landfills indefinitely. Not only is this poor stewardship of our environment, but it’s a poor use of the technologies and raw ingredients that are now available to us. Bottom line, Du-More’s position is that the Socially Responsible Customer and retailer, when given the opportunity to purchase a quality product made in the USA at a reasonable price point, that is biodegradable and without artificial decorations used to inflate the price, will make the transition to a new dental product line. Much like the transition that changed the market mix from spooled floss to handheld flossers 20 years ago, Du-More believes that “going green” is the next great innovation in dental products. Du-More sees a national need in the dental category for Dr. Du-More’s “green” dental product line and it intends to fill it completely.  
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Company founded by Navy veteran who loves this country and wants to support it by continuing to manufacture goods in the USA.
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