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USA Coffee Company
300 NW 70th Ave #106
Plantation, FL 33317

Telephone: 954-557-0742

Year Started: 2006

# American Employees: 3
  At 22 degrees North Latitude, Kauai has the ideal geographic location for growing coffee. Relatively cool evenings,light winds, and low cloud cover allow for the slow ripening of cherries. Kauai's soils are weathered,deep and slightly acidic-the perfect environment for coffee cultivation. All processing by-products are reused. After filtering,factory water is applied back to the fields for irrigation. The cherry pulp mulch from pruning are returned to the fields as soil amendments, restoring nutrients and reducing weeds. Water resources are reused. A efficient drip irrigation system applies water and fertilizers directly to the trees roots NO pesticides are used. Cultivation practices also have reduced the need for herbicides by 75%. 100% renewable energy. All power need are met by hydroelectricity. The employees are all members of the ILWU and are among the highest paid coffee workers in the world.Employees receive a full range of benefits, including, dental, and retirement, for themselves and their families.  
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