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Art In History, Inc.
154 Andrew Dr
Stockbridge, GA 30281

Telephone: 770 507 4544

Year Started: 2001

# American Employees: 10
  Art In History provides a comprehensive hands-on, project-based supplemental curriculum with activities that bring students inside the culture and historic time period being studied. Students are taught thematic content tied to each event in history and artifact through a variety of modalities including; timelines, maps, vocabulary sheets, essays, reading exercise, research projects, and both individual and group learning initiatives. Students decorate historic replicas to reflect the time period and the culture from which they originated, while at the same time being introduced to a rigorous social studies-based content that is thematically connected to the replica. For example: As students are studying the American Revolution, through Art In History's content-based curriculum project they are being instructed on the Preamble to Rebellion, the Sugar Act, and Currency Act, the Stamp Act, Quartering Act, Declatory Act, Townshed Acts, Boston Massacre, Tea Act and the Boston Tea Party, Intolerable Act, First Continental Congress, Second Continental Congress, The American Revolution, and finally the forming of the United States Government - all while re-creating an American Revolution Colonial Tea Pot. Students are placed inside history itself which allows teachers to foster an environment of learning through a cross-curricular approach. Through Art In History, students experience culture, historic time periods, and take a piece of history home with them as a constant reminder of the learning experience. The students will concurrently gain developmental knowledge and reinforcement of selected state and national standards in a variety of subject areas while enjoying themselves in a creative environment. The cycle of learning is truly a Discovery Through Creativity! Art In History's curriculum projects are perfect for World History, American History, Teaching American History Grant Programs, History Clubs, Methodology Courses, and Title I funded programs.  
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We are proud to say that our products are manufactured in the metro Atlanta area, and every component used in that final good, except one, is made in the USA!
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