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EL PASO, TX 79903

Telephone: (915) 490-6301

Year Started: 2009

# American Employees: 3
  With over 15 years of experience in leather custom work, our company can ensure that each of our products is done to “perfection” with great attention to detail, quality craftsmanship, and creativity. Anyone can work on leather products, but few and far in between, can master the visualization of the customer. At our shop, we make one of a kind product that truly reflect the customer’s vision and personality. Satisfactory customer service is also our goal. When we say we will have it, we will have it. Oh, and if we say we can do it, believe us, we can do it! Meeting deadlines and ensuring that we provide 100% Customer Satisfaction is our promise. After all, we are not in it just for the bottom line, but to show our true appreciation of custom leather work and our customers. So let us know if you have something in mind, and we promise you, we will make something that is perfect for you!  
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