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Bugz Off!(tm)
4061 Teri Lane
Lincoln, NE 68502

Telephone: 402-489-1885

Year Started: 2002

# American Employees: 4
  The crew at Bugz OFF! are complete outdoor types. Ann's husband Warren teases her about being a “big camping girl”. They love camping, kayaking, organic gardening and simply just sitting outside in the fresh Nebraska air. Ann’s all time favorite place to be in the evenings (prime time hours for those pesty bugs) is sitting on their deck that Warren built just for Ann. He placed large flower boxes on each side of the deck to house Ann’s herbs, flowers and lettuces. It's a wonderful place to be, but not a comfortable, peaceful or even safe place to be if unprotected from bug bites. Their daughter, Leigh, has always had issues with insect bites and would continually have reactions to any and all bites. It appears Leigh's daughter, their 8 year old granddaughter Lauren, has inherited some of those traits. In short, the crew behind Bugz OFF! are very serious about preventing any chance of that happening to their family and prevention for your families as well. Ann & Warren have discovered the miracle of a weed found on the prairies and Sandhills throughout Nebraska – the yucca plant, also called soapweed. Soapweed has been used by the American Indian tribes for many years and the tradition lives on in Nebraska. Ann has been perfecting a technique to turn this mostly useless spiny plant into fragrant, natural, bath and beauty care products. When included in a soap with 100% certified organic oils the yucca makes for a very effective cleaning product plus becomes very beneficial to the skin. They have also been using yucca in all of their products on their other website,Wingsets as they discover the many benefits of this “weed”. Ann & Warren that by finding a use for this plant they will also provide local jobs and create new cash crops for local ranchers. Ann has used her skills as a formulator, her knowledge of essential oils as an aromatherapist, studies as a herbalist and her passion for all things natural, organic and toxic free to develop this product line, Bugz Off! Much research and field testing has gone into its development. Their biggest order and field test was when they shipped 1500 bottles of Bugz Off! to the Katrina area and it worked! The pure essential oils in their product also have a long history of having antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial properties. They’ve placed this powerful blend of pure plant oils into an organic aloe vera base, which means it isn’t sticky but, in fact, feels good on your skin.  
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