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Tape Wrangler
781 Industrial Circle #4
Traverse City, MI 49686

Telephone: 231-943-0992

Year Started: 2006

# American Employees: 3
  Tape Wrangler is a woman owned product development and manufacturing company located in Traverse City, Michigan, USA. Our extensive expertise in the areas of engineering, product design, development, manufacturing and marketing allow us to bring innovative high quality products to the marketplace. We concentrate on creating specialty products that add value to both consumer households and professional/industrial applications. Our products are made exclusively in the United States to exacting standards. Duct tape…we LOVE it! In fact, we use it so much – it’s practically a part of the family! But here’s the thing: When we need it – we need it NOW! And when we use it…we want clean, straight, perfect cuts – EVERY time. Most people have had a moment in time when they have said: "Where's the Duct Tape - I need a piece RIGHT NOW!" Back in 2006…this was a real problem… We searched high & low looking for a Heavy Duty Tape Dispenser for Duct tape and we couldn't find one, so…we did what any red-blooded American inventor would do – we invented one! The Tape Wrangler 700 was born in 2006.  
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We love the opportunities you can only find in the United States and support the concept we need to help each other.
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