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White' s Boots
4002 East Ferry Ave.
Spokane , WA 99202

Telephone: 1-800-541-3786

Year Started: 1860

# American Employees: 100
  The White's Boots tradition has its roots in the logging country of west Virginia back before the Civil War. It was there that Otto White's father & grandfather made calked boots for the logging industry. In 1902, the tradition was carried west when Otto and his father moved to St. Maries, Idaho. Then in 1915 they moved to Spokane, Washington where, under Otto's guidance, the business flourished. Otto White's desire was a simple one: Make the finest work boots in the world! This single-minded ambition drove Otto to excell at his craft. His insistence on quality infected the workers of his growing business too, and the White's reputation grew with every pair of boots that came out of the shop. The hard bitten Northwest loggers became White's Boots biggest fans. They were tough on boots, but they had never seen anything like the tough as nails boots that Otto and his crew put together. The durability of White's Boots, their incredible "Arch-Ease" support and Otto's pride in his product, gave White's Boots a reputation that is the envy of boot manufacturers everywhere. Otto White remained active in the shop until his death at age 91 in 1972. Because of Otto's unbending standards of quality and his ability to train others, by instilling in them the same pride of craftsmanship, the quality and tradition of White's Boots continues today. When you come to own a pair of White's, you'll sense that these are no ordinary boots. They are made of the very finest materials in the world and built with skills passed down through generations of craftsmen who are proud of the name . During it's over 100-year history, White's has maintained an unwavering focus on quality in the boots that it builds and the service that it provides. Today we still build our boots one at a time by hand for one simple reason, to ensure that our customers enjoy the finest boots made anywhere in the world. We know that's a strong claim but it's one that we gladly back every day by continuing to use only the finest materials, designs, and craftsmanship. White's Boots, from its humble beginnings, is now recognized as one of the top destination spots in the Northwest. Our 8,900 square foot retail store not only showcases our award winning footwear, but our factory as well, we have windows so you can watch our boots being built by hand. It is a tradition that has been carried over since we were located downtown Spokane, and is a must see for any Whites Boot fan. We also have many premier brands of outdoor footwear, clothing and accessories for all of those who work and play in the great outdoors. The growth and success that has followed White's Boots stems directly from a simple fact-White's commitment to exceptional quality in everything we manufacture and sell, combined with small-town friendly service second to none. That's what White's Boots is all about! As you browse through our web site, take a trip back in time and imagine the generations that have relied on some of these legendary products. From the rugged loggers to the brave fire fighters, hard-working farmers, ranchers, and railroad workers, these products have passed the test of time. You too can become a part of this rich history.  
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For many generations,the American Worker has depended on and have been wearing our hand-made boots and shoes, for work in play across this great country. White's Boots employees take great pride in continuing the "American Made" legacy today and into the future. "Walk a mile, in American style"
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